Erasmus – Portuguese School

We are from Oporto, the second largest city in Portugal, but the location of the school itself (Escola Básica e Secundária de Pinheiro) is in a rather rural place in Pinheiro, now designated Termas de S. Vicente, Penafiel. Here are the coordinates to our school, in case you are curious to see where we are located and even take a look at the school and what surrounds it through google maps: 41°07’19.9″N 8°17’48.7″W.
Termas de S. Vicente is integrated in council of Penafiel, which is located about 12km from our school. Also, a very well-known river, Douro river, passes nearly of our localization, about 7 km. In our village we are surrounded most essentially by agriculture, but there are other activities as stone exploration in quarries and some garment factories.
The main attraction of Pinheiro are “Termas de São Vicente”, a resort of thermal bath, which existed since Roman Time. It provides hotel, spa and treatments with therapeutic water. Receives lots of people from every part of the country, and also, many Spanish tourists!
The district that belong Pinheiro is Oporto, an important city known in all world, due to the Porto Wine. Every year Oporto attracts many tourists, because of its beauty and history that calls for everyone.
Douro river is the second biggest river of Portugal whose source is in Spain. It was very important in the past to transport wine barrel for cellars to sell the famous Porto Wine. By this river we can find a unique landscape of the demarcated region of Douro Valley.